in Context - Fall 2012

featured articles:

  • Planning In An Uncertain World - For the majority of 2012, events both economic and political have left Americans with more questions than answers. Most investors would agree that recent times have been fraught with uncertainty.
  • The Science of Investing - The amount of research on financial markets and investing rivals that of medical research. Largely starting in the 1950s, finance began its transition from a neglected area within economics to a legitimate field of study.
  • Top Ten Money Excuses - Human beings have an astounding facility for self-deception when it comes to our own money. We construct the façade of a logical-sounding argument, which is often an elaborate, short-term excuse that we use to justify behavior that runs counter to our own long-term interests.
  • Perspectives - Goals are important, but sometimes, we get so attached to goals that we forget to live. When that happens, it is beneficial to find a healthy balance between living the goal and living life.