Tax Efficient Asset Allocation

Maximizing tax efficiency is essential.  Siena develops strategies and focus fund selection to maximize deferral of capital gains and reduce your annual tax exposure.

Engineering investments into the right areas affects both your income tax and estate tax.  We maximize tax strategies into your portfolios so you end up keeping a larger portion of your return after-taxes.  Our accounting and legal experience provides a comprehensive understanding of how to best develop your personal tax strategy.


Tax Tips & Alerts

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Siena Accounting provides comprehensive tax, accounting and business planning to its individual and business clients.


Siena helps you manage your tax brackets to satisfy your goals all while keeping your taxes as low as possible.


Tax-Aware Investing


  1.  Retirement Plan Contributions – Managing the best way to accumulate retirement funds.

  2. Roth Conversions – Determine Roth Conversion

  3. Gain & Loss Harvesting – Harvest Capital Gain and Losses


  1. Tax Structure-Determine an effective mix of taxable investments, tax-deferred investments and tax-free investments

  2. Tax-Sensitive Asset Allocation-Understanding the impact that income taxation has on asset allocation and diversification

  3. Asset Location-Identifying which assets to place in certain investment vehicles

    1. Alt definition - The process of dividing these different types of assets between tax- deferred, tax-free and taxable accounts to maximize the after-tax return of an investment portfolio is known as asset location (not to be confused with asset allocation).