Who We Are Defines What We Do

Fully integrated financial planning

Our professionals do not act as mere quarterbacks or middlemen between your estate planning lawyers and tax accountants, because, collectively, we embody these attributes. That's the difference with Siena- offering a comprehensive, highly educated approach to your financial planning.

Each client has their own unique situation. That is why we prepare an Investment Policy Statement (your plan) for each client. We focus on long-term solutions, not selling products. Our disciplined approach is based on the latest peer reviewed evidence found in academic and professional journals in the fields of finance, investment management and tax management…it’s not based on the latest noise from the 24-hour news cycle of the financial press. Further, our approach is done in a completely independent/fee-only environment. We accept no commissions. We work for our clients, not an investment company. Learn more about why we’re different from other brokers.

Ready to partner with Siena and begin establishing your financial plan? 


Evidence Based Investing

We use proven statistical methods to produce data and then provide analysis to quantify and engineer the most effective approach.  Our unique approach draws on experience and education in finance, accounting, statistics, law and business.

Tax Aware Investing

Maximizing tax efficiency is essential.  Siena develops strategies and focus fund selection to maximize deferral of capital gains and reduce your annual tax exposure.

Retirement Plan Services

Siena Retirement Services does business differently. We place your success above all. Whether you’re considering a new retirement plan or re-thinking what you already have, we are here to help.


Health Savings Accounts

Currently, a typical HSA account is set up at a bank where the funds sit in a money market account until they are needed to pay healthcare costs as they are incurred. We're proposing something different.


What is the most significant financial concern? Running Out of Money. The spend-down is a plan to minimize taxes and ensure you don’t outlive your assets.