Why Siena

Our highly educated and experienced professionals provide fully integrated and individualized investment solutions. These solutions are implemented in a completely independent environment free of conflicts of interest, i.e. commissions. Further, there are no hidden fees as often is the case in the investment world. All fees are fully disclosed and transparent.

Siena’s legal duty to their clients is a fiduciary standard. This is the highest duty in the law and a much higher standard of care than the typical broker has to their clients. See how we differ.

Our portfolios are created based on peer-reviewed academic research. The portfolios are adhered to in a disciplined structured manner. We don’t listen to the Wall Street noise.


Accounting Today Magazine

While not an award - it’s a ranking, Siena has been included on the list of Top CPA Wealth Advisory Firms by Assets Under Management in the United States for 9 consecutive years by Accounting Today magazine. Siena is included in the “100 Million Plus Club” classification on the list.